«The Farthest Cuisine of the World»

Getting to the end of the world’s cuisine has not been easy.

But the true journey is about to begin…

Pepe Vieira’s cuisine is authentic, racial and full of meaning. It goes beyond culinary and tells us a story with each dish. A unique experience that will allow you to discover Galicia and its origins through a creative gastronomic offering that has been awarded two Michelin stars and a Michelin green star.

Solo pretendo ser el intermediario entre una extraordinaria realidad natural y el plato


An inspiration that dwells in the deep knowledge of Galicia and in that surrealism-like thinking which is so characteristic of our collective imagination. Chef Pepe Vieira has traveled to the tradition to develop an own gastronomy named “The Farthest Cuisine of the World”, which rescues recipes and condiments almost forgotten with a vocation for cultural transmission. This trip to the tradition involves extensive research work. Pepe Vieira, joined by anthropologist Rafael Quintía, has visited Galicia in search of the origins of its gastronomy. This leads to a unusual gastronomic proposal: unique experiences which allows you to go deep to the origins and discover all that has been shaped by the Galician people throughout its millenary history. Snacks of the past to delight the palate with exclusive flavours.


Just by following the Camiño da Serpe (Snake’s trail) towards the Atlantic
end of the worl you could have the uncommon and unrepeatable experience of tasting
«The Farthest Cuisine of the World».