«The Farthest Cuisine of the World» is the outcome of a creative work involving all of our collaborators. Cooks, winemakers, anthropologists, artists, designers, philologists… All of them make up the “talent providers” that help us shape our gastronomic universe.

Pepe Vieira

Born in Vigo in 1973. In 2002, Pepe Vieira received the Premio ao Mellor cociñeiro Galego and in 2004 he joined the team of kitchen teachers at the Higher Hospitality Center of Galicia, an activity that he carried out for several years. He is also the founder of the Nove Group, created to spread the gastronomic culture of Galicia and give visibility to signature cuisine.

With a background acquired in various cuisines around the world, Pepe Vieira's cuisine constitutes a risky search for authenticity.

The Pepe Vieira Restaurant has a Michelin green star and two Michelin stars.

Ability to process your memory and your memories, the perception of what surrounds you and the talent to establish relationships between different experiences, influences and situations. That and the process of your emotions and feelings will make your cuisine unique and non-transferrable.

Óscar Abal

Óscar Abal

Executive chef

Ana Peixoto

Cake shop

Débora Lois


Brais Dominguez


Adriana Fernandez

Head of room

Miriam Filgueiras

Administration Department

Cristina Posse


David Calviño

Events chef

Laura Crespo

Events manager

Carlos Perez


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